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Alnico deep pot magnet - zinc plated

(Code: E792)
Description : 10mm dia x 20mm
Pull force : 0.8kg
£ 138.24(161.84 €)
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Alnico deep pot magnet - zinc plated
• 220°C maximum operating temperature
• Alnico 5 magnet material and mild steel pot
• Zinc plated body
• Good corrosion resistance

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    Details of Alnico Deep Pot Magnets (Zinc Plated)

    The Alnico deep pot magnet is ideal for use in high temperature applications. The zinc plated mild steel body combined with the Alnico’s natural durability ensures good overall corrosion resistance and excellent magnetic performance with most oils. 

    The design includes a brass spacer between the zinc plated mild steel and the Alnico 5 magnet to retain the Alnico magnet in position. The pole face, where the clamping occurs, is ground to a smooth finish. The rear of the Alnico deep pot magnet is blind ended (no thread or tapped hole). 

    Alnico Magnet for Use at High Temperatures 

    Although used at ambient temperatures, the Alnico deep pot magnet can be used at temperatures up to +220 degrees C (+428 Fahrenheit). Factor in Alnico’s excellent temperature coefficient of magnetic induction and you have a pot magnet that keeps performing as it heats up (Alnico drops Br the least with rising temperatures resulting in only losing a small amount of its strong performance at higher temperatures).

    It may be possible to use these Alnico deep pot magnets at temperatures up to +400 degrees C (+752 Fahrenheit) but, over the +200 degrees C, the expansion coefficients of the construction materials may cause the materials to come loose, so use with caution above +200 degrees C.

    Applications of Alnico Deep Pot Magnets

    Alnico deep pot magnet assemblies for ideal for use in applications including gripping, clamping and fixturing/tooling applications. The 'deep' pot proportions of the alnico pot magnet provides a combination of excellent performance and stability.

    It is possible to produce Alnico deep pot magnets with zinc plating (or other platings, such as chrome) upon request as a bespoke production. The addition of a tapped hole or a thread at the rear is also possible – please contact us for prices and lead times (production may be subject to minimum order quantities).

    For Alnico deep pot magnets that are ideal for press-fitting, please see our Alnico Deep Pot Magnets - Precision OD

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