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Workshop Tools

Lightweight unit for the removal of residual magnetism from parts machined on magnetic or electromagnetic plates

Flexible Pickup Tool
Ideal for retrieving difficult to reach ferrous items such as nuts, bolts, screws
Magnetic Swarf Wand
• Quick and safe pick up of iron and steel off-cuts, filings, chips and general swarf
• Ideal for industrial and workshop use such as cleaning swarf from lathe beds or milling machines
• Features a quick release handle for easy cleaning
• Lightweight and extremely durable - non-rusting 
Magnetic Sweeper
• Attracts and removes potentially dangerous or damaging ferrous items e.g. nails, pins, staples, wire 
• For easy clear of metal contaminated work, home or leisure areas, e.g. floors, sports pitches or car parks 
• With adjustable telescopic handle
• Easy to clean - features handle mounted quick release mechanism releases debris collected
Magnetic tray
Simple tray for holding ferrous items such as screws and nails. A magnet in the base attaches the tray firmly to ferrous surfaces and holds ferrous items in the tray.
The magnet base is rubber coated to safeguard surfaces.
Telescopic Pick-Up Tool
• Ideal for retrieving difficult to reach ferrous items
• Pen style, telescopic design - fits easily in a pocket
• Extends to 660mm
• High intensity neodymium magnets ensure optimum strength