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Ferrite shallow pot - countersunk

(Code: E876)
Description : 25mm dia x 7mm countersunk
Thread size : M5
£ 31.72(36.78 €)
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Ferrite shallow pot - countersunk

• For clamping, holding and "limpet" type gripping

• Ideal for screw mounting

• 120° maximum operating temperature

• Excellent resistance to corrosion

• Mild steel pot with zinc plated body

  1. #More Information#

    Countersunk Mounting Pot Magnet /Countersunk Shallow Pot Magnet

    The countersunk mounting pot magnet is also known as a shallow pot magnet.

    The countersunk mounting pot magnet /shallow pot magnet is a ferromagnetic steel cup into which is inserted a countersunk ring magnet. There is a hole all the way through the countersunk mounting pot magnet / shallow pot magnet. This allows a screw head to be inserted into any material of your choice to give a good mechanical hold. Take care not to over tighten the screw to prevent breaking the magnet material (which is brittle in nature).

    Pot Magnets for Clamping and Holding Applications

    The countersunk mounting pot magnet /shallow pot magnet is a very popular for clamping and holding applications. It is designed to clamp directly onto ferromagnetic surfaces such as mild steel.

    Ferrite countersunk mounting pot magnets have a maximum operating temperature of up to +120°C and are available in plated finish. For more information please contact us.

    For the maximum magnetic strength see our range of Neodymium (rare earth) magnets.

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Code Description  Thread size  Price   
E876  25mm dia x 7mm countersunk  M5  £ 31.72 Details Buy
E887  20mm dia x 6mm countersunk  M4  £ 46.17 Details Buy
E877  32mm dia x 7mm countersunk  M5  £ 32.38 Details Buy
E878  40mm dia x 8mm countersunk  M5  £ 19.60 Details Buy