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Ferrite shallow pot magnets

(Code: E888)
Description : 50mm dia x 10mm Hole in body 8.5mm
Hole size : 22mm
Pull force : 18kg
£ 34.26(39.73 €)
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Ferrite shallow pot magnets

• 120°C maximum operating temperature

• Excellent resistance to corrosion

• Mild steel pot with zinc plated body

  1. #More Information#

    Through Hole Mounting Ferrite Shallow Pot Magnet

    The through hole mounting pot magnet is a pot magnet that has a hole in the centre of the ferromagnetic mild steel cup and a ring magnet inserted inside the cup.

    The ring magnet inner diameter is larger than the cup central hole size. This allows screws (ideally cap head screws but countersunk screws could also be used) and bolts to be inserted inside the pot magnet to securely hold the through hole mounting pot magnet in place.

    The Advantages of Through Hole Mounting Shallow Pot Magnets

    The advantage of the through hole mounting pot magnet over a countersunk pot magnet (shallow pot magnet) is that the screw or bolt is tightened onto the steel case so can be as tight as the steel and threads will allow. 

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Code Description  Hole size  Pull force  Price   
E888  50mm dia x 10mm Hole in body 8.5mm  22mm  18kg  £ 34.26 Details Buy
E889  80mm dia x 18mm Hole in body 6.5mm  16mm  54kg  £ 13.68 Details Buy