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Magnetic Swarf Wand

(Code: MW400)
Description : Magnetic Swarf wand 400mm long
£ 82.65(97.71 €)
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Magnetic Swarf Wand

• Quick and safe pick up of iron and steel off-cuts, filings, chips and general swarf

• Ideal for machine clean down, removing swarf and filings

• Features a quick release handle for easy cleaning;

• Lightweight and extremely durable, non-rusting

  1. #More Information#
    • Separates small parts after rumbling
    • Quick release handle
    • Permanent magnet - never needs re-magnetising
    • Lightweight, non-rusting shaft
    • Holding capacity: 6.35kg
    • Quickly and safely pick-up iron and steel off-cuts, filings, chips, swarf and small components.
  2. Simply place the Magnetic Swarf Wand into the material you want to remove ferrous debris from (or to test for ferrous contamination), collect the debris, take away and then use the quick releasehandle to clean the ferrous debris away from the Magnetic Swarf Wand (cleaning is usually done over a bin).

    The Magnetic Swarf Wand is not for guaranteed ferrous removal - please regard it as a testing device.

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