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Neodymium block magnets

(Code: N35a251003)
Description : 25mm x 10mm x 3mm (A) N35 Block
Pull force : 4.7kg
£ 3.60(4.26 €)
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Neodymium block magnets
• Strongest magnetic performance relative to size

• Nickel plated for corrosion resistance

• Use where compact size and high strength is required

• Ideal for manufacturing, engineering and display projects

• N35 grade material

• 80°C max operating temperature 

  1. #More Information#
    The NdFeB Neodymium block magnets could be NdFeB Neodymium rectangular magnet or NdFeB Neodymium square magnets. They are also refered to as NdFeB Neodymium slab magnets or NdFeB Neodymium cube magnets

    Magnet Design for Alternative Magnetic Systems

    The larger the pole face area the better the magnet will be at attracting through larger air gaps (the magnet will project a stronger field at distance). Magnets can be stacked in multiples of their pole to pole distance (they will attract each other to build height) which will give increases in performance but increasing the magnet height further will eventually start to give less and less increase as the performance starts to plateau off.

    When this happens and more performance is required then a larger pole face area magnet is needed.

    The direction of magnetisation is physically locked into the structure of the magnet - you cannot change it to be in a different axis (you would need to get another magnet produced).

    Maximising Magnetic Pull

    If you are clamping a magnet between two mild steel (ferromagnetic) plates you have a good magnetic circuit (with some leakage around the sides). But if you were to have two NdFeB Neodymium block magnets side by side in a N-S arrangement (they will attract extremely strongly in this way), you have an even better magnetic circuit with potentially even higher magnetic pull with very little air gap leakage involved and the magnets will be getting close to working at their maximum possible performance (assuming the steel does not magnetically saturate).

    Take this idea further and consider a checker-board effect (-N-S-N-S- etc) clamping between two mild steel sheets and you have a maximum pull force system limited only by the steel's ability to carry all the magnetic flux. 

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Code Description  Pull force  Price   
N35a251003  25mm x 10mm x 3mm (A) N35 Block  4.7kg  £ 3.60 Details Buy
N35a251005  25mm x 10mm x 5mm (A) N35 Block  4.9kg  £ 5.70 Details Buy
N35a351005  35mm x 10mm x 5mm (A) N35 Block  5.8kg  £ 8.41 Details Buy
N35a402530  40mm x 25mm x 30mm (A) N35 Block  44.3kg  £ 48.64 Details Buy
N35a50101.5  50mm x 10mm x 1.5mm (A) N35 Block  2.4kg  £ 2.40 Details Buy
N35a502003  50mm x 20mm x 3mm (A) N35 Block  5.8kg  £ 5.52 Details Buy
N35a502510  50mm x 25mm x 10mm (A) N35 Block  23.9kg  £ 22.58 Details Buy
N35a505013  50mm x 50mm x 13mm (A) N35 Block  44.6kg  £ 71.46 Details Buy
N35a601203  60mm x 12mm x 3mm (A) N35 Block  5.5kg  £ 21.50 Details Buy