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Neodymium countersunk ring

(Code: R1559FR)
Description : 15.4mm dia x 3.3mm id x 3.25 (A) N35 Countersunk R
Pull force : 3kg
£ 3.60(4.28 €)
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Neodymium countersunk ring

• Strongest magnet material available

• For easy mounting onto non-magnetic surfaces

• Ideal for countersunk screw mounting

• For door closures, general fixing and attaching applications

• Maximum operating temperature 80°C

• Nickel plated to protect against corrosion

  1. #More Information#

    Neodymium ring magnets and discs with countersunk central holes are ideal for screw mounting onto non-magnetic surfaces. They are widely used for closure, fixing and holding applications such as doors, furniture and graphic display.

    Our neodymium (NdFeB) ring magnets are nickel plated for enhanced protection and corrosion resistance.

    Other sizes, shapes, grades and coatings of countersunk Neodymium ring magnet (NdFeB ring magnet)are available (including countersink on both sides of Neodymium ring magnet).  

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Code Description  Pull force  Price   
R1559FR  15.4mm dia x 3.3mm id x 3.25 (A) N35 Countersunk R  3kg  £ 3.60 Details Buy
R1859FR/A  19mm dia x 10mm id x 7.6mm (A) N35 Ring North Pole  7.7kg  £ 28.22 Details Buy
R1859FR/B  19mm dia x 10mm id x 7.6mm (A) N35 Ring South Pole  7.7kg  £ 28.22 Details Buy
N35A200610CK  20mm dia x 6mm id x 10mm (A) N35 Countersunk Ring  4.7kg  £ 2.88 Details Buy
N35a370635CK  37mm id x 6mm id x 3.5mm (A) N35 Countersunk Ring  4.9kg  £ 11.41 Details Buy