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Neodymium deep pot bi-pole magnet

(Code: E750NEO)
Description : 6mm dia x 20mm
Pull force : 0.6kg
Thread Size : M3 Thread
£ 49.32(58.63 €)
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Neodymium deep pot bi-pole magnet

• Brass pot with mild steel pole pieces

• Ideal for clamping, gripping or holding applications

• For press-fit or adhesive mounting

• N35 grade nickel plated magnet material

• 80°C max operating temperature

• Concentrates magnetic flux into piece being held 




  1. #More Information#

    Neodymium Bi-Pole Deep Pot Magnet / TwinPole Blind Ended Deep Pot Magnet

    The bi-pole deep pot magnet and twin pole blind ended deep pot magnet are variants of a similar design theme. The outer casing is aluminium or brass (i.e. non-magnetic). There are two mild steel pole pieces (circular segment shaped) with a magnet between the mild steel poles. Bi-pole and twin pole are interchangeable names for this style of pot magnet.

    The deep pot versions of the bi-pole or twin pole pot magnets either have a threaded hole at the back or they are blind-ended (no threaded hole or any other form of fixing). Press fitment is usually performed on the blind ended versions).

    The Neodymium (rare earth) or NdFeB bi-pole deep pot magnet and NdFeB twin pole blind ended deep pot magnet versions are rated to a maximum operating temperature of +80 degrees C.

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Code Description  Pull force  Thread Size  Price   
E750NEO  6mm dia x 20mm  0.6kg  M3 Thread  £ 49.32 Details Buy
E751NEO  8mm dia x 20mm  1.2kg  M3 Thread  £ 62.86 Details Buy
E752NEO  10mm dia x 20mm  1.2kg  M4 Thread  £ 77.04 Details Buy
E753NEO  13mm dia x 20mm  6.0kg  M4 Thread  £ 108.94 Details Buy
E754NEO  16mm dia x 20mm  9.0kg  M4 Thread  £ 114.06 Details Buy
E755NEO  20mm dia x 25mm  13.5kg  M6 Thread  £ 74.52 Details Buy
E756NEO  25mm dia x 35mm  19.0kg  M6 Thread  £ 48.07 Details Buy
E757NEO  32mm dia x 40mm  34.0kg  M8 Thread  £ 91.48 Details Buy