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Neodymium hook

(Code: M19863XR)
Description : 32mm dia x 7mm hook
Pull force : 35.0kg
£ 4.06(4.80 €)
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Neodymium hook
• Strongest magnetic performance
• N35 grade nickel plated magnet material
• 80°C max operating temperature 

  1. #More Information#

    Neodymium Pot Magnets with Hook / Neodymium Ceiling Magnets

    The neodymium pot magnets with a hook are sometimes called ceiling magnets. The pot magnets with a hook are white painted and are supplied with a detachable threaded hook.

    The Neodymium (rare earth) or NdFeB pot magnets with a hook are 3 times more powerful than a similarly sized ferrite pot magnet versions.

    These magnets with a hook are widely used for hanging posters, banners and displays in supermarkets, large DIY stores,exhibition areas, car ferries and cruise ships.

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M19863XR  32mm dia x 7mm hook  35.0kg  £ 4.06 Details Buy