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Neodymium shallow pot magnet

(Code: E760NEO)
Description : 6mm dia x 4.5mm
Pull force : 0.5kg
£ 27.87(33.13 €)
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Neodymium shallow pot magnet

• Strongest magnetic performance

• High strength clamping/holding performamnce

• Ideal for applications where height is restricted

• Steel outer shell protects against impact damage 

• N35 grade nickel plated magnet material

• 80°C max operating temperature

  1. #More Information#

    Blind Ended Neodymium Shallow Pot Magnet

    The blind ended shallow pot magnet is a is generally wider in diameter than it is tall comprising a magnet (usually a disc magnet) inside a ferromagnetic (mild steel) cup. The ferromagnetic cup has no fixing means (no holes, no threads) - it is blind ended.

    The blind ended shallow pot magnet is meant for press fitting into an application (so it does not require holes or threads to connect to it). The blind ended shallow pot magnet can sometimes (not often) also be used for applications where it clamps to a ferromagnetic surface and it is not meant to be easily removed.

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Code Description  Pull force  Price   
E760NEO  6mm dia x 4.5mm  0.5kg  £ 27.87 Details Buy
E761NEO  8mm dia x 4.5mm  1.3kg  £ 32.16 Details Buy
E762NEO  10mm x 4.5mm  0.25kg  £ 37.47 Details Buy
E763NEO  13mm dia x 4.5mm  6.0kg  £ 55.02 Details Buy
E764NEO  16mm dia x 4.5mm  9.5kg  £ 61.07 Details Buy
E765NEO  20mm dia x 6mm  14kg  £ 59.72 Details Buy
E766NEO  25mm x 7mm  20kg  £ 73.74 Details Buy
E767NEO  32mm dia x 7mm  35.0kg  £ 94.33 Details Buy