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Neodymium shallow pot magnets - countersunk

(Code: E998/NEO)
Description : 10mm x 4.5mm
Thread Size : M3
Pull force : 1.3kg
£ 20.42(24.27 €)
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Neodymium shallow pot magnets - countersunk
• Strongest magnetic performance 
• Zinc plated body
• With countersunk hole for screw fixings
• Ideal for restricted space closure and fixing applications
• Steel outer casing protects against damage
  1. #More Information#

    Countersunk Neodymium Shallow Pot Magnet

    These Neodymium Shallow Pot Magnets feature a countersunk hole to accommodate screw fixings. They are ideal for applications where magnets are used as closing mechanisms, where the screw head must be concealed, such as cabinet doors, drawers, gate latches and door holdings.

    Countersunk Pot Magnets for Shop Fitting Applications

    They are also ideal for other applications such as shop fitting where magnets are used for attaching shelving, signage, lighting systems and window displays. Neodymium is the perfect material for these applications as it gives a high magnetic strength to size ratio, hence a small magnet can be used in applications where space is limited.

    The countersunk hole in the magnet can accommodate anything from M3 to M5 screw head size depending on the magnet size. The countersunk magnet range is available in a number of sizes.

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Code Description  Thread Size  Pull force  Price   
E998/NEO  10mm x 4.5mm  M3  1.3kg  £ 20.42 Details Buy
E999/NEO  13mm x 4.5mm  M3  3kg  £ 23.56 Details Buy
E1000/NEO  16mm x 4.5mm  M3  7.5kg  £ 35.35 Details Buy
E1001/NEO  20mm x 6mm  M4  10.5kg  £ 24.22 Details Buy
E1002/NEO  25mm x 7mm  M4  16kg  £ 36.79 Details Buy
E1003/NEO  32mm x 7mm  M5  31kg  £ 57.47 Details Buy
E1004/NEO  40mm dia x 8mm  M5  50kg  £ 41.24 Details Buy
E1005/NEO  48mm x 11.5mm  M8 Countersunk  87kg  £ 15.46 Details Buy