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Rubber Covered Neodymium - Internal Thread

(Code: M52201/2XR)
Description : 22mm x 6mm
Screw size : M4
Pack size : 1
£ 6.25(7.43 €)
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Rubber Covered Neodymium - Internal Thread
• Strong holding Force 
• Resistant to corrosion 
• Protects against surface damage

  1. #More Information#

    Rubber coated neodymium internal threaded pot magnets are ideal for applications that require a magnet with strong holding force, resistance to corrosion, and will protect against surface damage. 

    The multi-pole structure and arraignment of the magnets, combined with the rubber coating, is perfect for painted or varnished surfaces without marking or scratching the surface. 

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M52201/2XR  22mm x 6mm  M4  £ 6.25 Details Buy