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Telescopic Pick-Up Tool

(Code: EM967-R)
Description : Length 147mm exteding to 660mm
£ 11.93(14.18 €)
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Telescopic Pick-Up Tool

• Ideal for retrieving difficult to reach ferrous items

• Pen style, telescopic design - fits easily in a pocket

• Extends to 660mm

• High intensity neodymium magnets ensure optimum strength

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    Pick up and recover ferromagnetic (e.g.mild steel) pieces such as dropped nuts, screws, bolts, keys, washers and other bits with ease, even if they end up behind your workbench, somewhere in the engine you're working on, rolling under a locked door, etc.

    Use our Magnetic Pick-up Tool (Magnetic Retrieval Pen) when trying to get those ferrous items that are out of the reach of your fingers.

    Our high quality telescopic magnetic retrieval pen pick-up tool is 147mm long and extends up to 660mm long (nearly 26 inches). It holds up to a maximum of 1kg (depending on the material being picked up).

    Don't find yourself one day kneeling in a puddle trying to fish your car keys out of a grate with an old coat hanger -use our simple yet highly effective magnetic pick up tool buy one now


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EM967-R  Length 147mm exteding to 660mm  £ 11.93 Details Buy