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Flexible/ Office /Warehouse/Display Magnets

Flexible magnets are produced in a ferrite magnet material mixed with a flexible rubber binder which is then extruded or calendared to create profiles, tapes and sheets.

The flexible magnetic rubber is multiple poled on one side (some versions, termed anisotropic) is magnetic on both sides.

Extra options include vinyl finish, dry wipe, printed, etc.

Our flexible magnets are ideal for a variety of display applications including retail and vehicle signage. They are made by binding strontium ferrite magnet into a flexible thermo-plastic binder which is then calendered into sheet or extruded into strip.

Any colour can be achieved by laminating the material.

Colour faced sheet is laminated with a PVC film on the non-magnetic face.

The degree of flexibility depends on the cross section of the profile. All strips can be coiled around a 100mm diameter former without damage.

Ferrite Hook Magnet
• Supplied with removable threaded hook
• 120°C maximum operating temperature
• Excellent resistance to corrosion
• Mild steel pot with white painted body
• Ideal for hanging posters, banners,general displays
Flexible magnetic sheet

Ideal for display applications. Supplied with plain, white gloss or standard acrylic adhesive backing

Magnetic extrusion

• Strontium ferrite magnet in thermo-plastic binder

• Ideal for display, screen holding and labelling applications

• Max operating temperature 80˚C

• Forms a strong bond when paired with itself

• Magnetic on 1 face

Magnetic label holders
• Temporary / permanent signage, labeling,identification
• Can be used on steel racking, cabinets,shelving or any magnetically receptive surface
• Complete with magnetic rubber, white card, acrylic cover
Magnetic labelling
• For making customised magnetic labels
• Print with laser or ink jet onto matt or gloss options
• Write onto dry wipe sheet option
• Self adhesive backed version available
Magnetic racking strip/bay markers

• Widely used for warehouse identification systems

• Sticks to all steel racking

• Dry wipe surface – write on / wipe off

• Available in white, yellow, blue, green or red

• Supplied in 10m rolls in the following widths: 20mm, 30mm, 50mm, 70mm, 90mm

Magnetic tape

·Ideal for mounting items to steel surfaces eg signage and labelling

·Strontium ferrite in thermo-plastic binder. Max. operating temperature 80°C

·Magnetic on 1 face only

·Can be cut with scissors


Marker magnets
Ideal for filing cabinets, notice boards, fridge doors or magnetic whiteboards

Marker Magnets consist of magnet material in a coloured plastic shell. 
Secondary glazing/fly screen kit
This magnetic secondary glazing is the quickest and easiest way to install permanent or temporary secondary glazing. Kit contains 30m length of both magnetic tape and matching steel tape
Steel tape

Adhesive-backed steel tape can be used with the matching width adhesive-backed magnetic tape to provide temporary and semi-permanent fixings.

The magnetic steel tape is supplied with standard acrylic adhesive.